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I love great design and quality furniture. Unfortunantly, I can't always afford what I want. I am the daughter of an architect who married a teacher. So that equals high end taste + small budget. That's exactly why I love to find ways to get a quality designer look for my home for less then standard retail. One way to do that is to purchase quality pre-owned furniture and home decor. Look at this great quality chair and ottoman we have in stock right now for $399. Now - take a look at this similar chair and ottoman I found at Ballards Designs. The cost for the Ballards chair and ottoman is $2085 plus shipping. Are they exact duplicates? No. Do they give you the same look and style? Absolutly! You can get a very similar look AND save $1686! Do pay attention to the size and volume of the piece as I have found that many "off price" stores offer great looking pieces but the scale is much smaller than quality items. Small scale items can sometimes tranlate to looking cheap. Don't be afraid to buy a quality piece that has a few nicks and scratches. It's typically very easy to disquise those using a tiny bit of elbow grease and a furniture marker. Many times when you get the piece in your home you don't notice a few small imperfections like you would while scrutinizing it in the store. When looking for quality furniture and home decor at resale or off-price stores these are some of the things I look for:

1. Is it the style I am looking for or a style that will work with my existing decor?

2. Is it within the color pallet I need?

3. Is the size and scale correct?

4. Is it clean and in good repair or can I make the adjustments needed?

I get alot of self satisfaction knowing that I was able to find and purchase a perfect item for my home decor AND save money, and you will too!

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