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for Women & Men

•We want your better quality women’s, men’s, plus and petite fashions. We also accept women’s purses, scarves, shoes, belts, hats and jewelry. Clothing and accessories are accepted seasonally.
• We accept clothes that our customers will buy. These are current styles – 2 years old or newer, like-new, designer and better quality name brand clothing in exceptional condition.
• Carefully inspect all items for stains, snags, tears, missing buttons, etc. before bringing them in. 
• Clothing must be freshly washed or dry-cleaned, pressed and on hangers. We can not accept clothing that smells of mothballs, smoke, perfume or musty basement.


Our experienced staff will price, tag, display and SELL your quality cast-offs to our eager customers. You won’t be paid more anywhere for your best items!

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